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App Tools Training

At Drync we are here to help make the most of your app. We have several ideas on how to make your app a success and take advantage of the power of mobile commerce. 

Using Your App

Below you'll find training through step-by-step instructions and informative blog posts on how to use different tools for your app, and details about additional resources. The information is at your fingertips, but if you feel you need a little more explanation we also offer training sessions either in person or via webinars.  

Possible training topics include:

  • In-app promotions 
  • Email management 
  • Using the app at tastings and events
  • The Drync portal
  • Order management
  • Designing your app as a reflection of your store
  • Making collections

If you're interested in having a Drync training session please contact Kat at Drync:

Check out the below links to learn about using promo codes, using push notifications, getting more downloads, how to improve your Facebook ads, and more!

Need help?

Contact Kat at Drync with any questions about your app training.