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Need a form for uploading logos, hex#,  taglines  --- should show images so that people know where it's appearing....


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Information on markets available and form to take down parameters for delivery.

List of what we will need:

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Using Deliv?

Deliv is a crowdsourced, same-day delivery service. We've partnered with them to make delivery possible for all of our retailers. 

Delia powers a flexible, reliable, transparent, last mile delivery solution. Their crowd sourced delivery model and proprietary routing algorithm mean they can offer you high quality service for a competitive price. It also means they can flex to meet your evolving demand in case you have seasonal peaks or promotional spikes.

Currently, they service 18 markets in over 100 cities (for more information about zip codes, click here).

Deliv Advantages

  • Deliver 7 days a week, 362 days a year
  • Offer convenience: customers can select delivery times
  • Ability to scan packages at pickup to ensure order accuracy
  • Real time GPS tracking for every order
  • Proof of delivery includes time stamp, recipients name and signature
  • Operations support is just a call away
  • Deliveries require photo ID at drop off for alcohol deliveries.



Drync's Deliv contact, Natalie Frank is available to answer any questions or help complete your Deliv integration.
Contact her:


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