National Holidays You Can Boost


Wondering what to promote this month? Gain some inspiration from this compilation of national beverage holidays. There are way more than you might think. 

Because you need beverages to pair with food, we also included a section of national food holidays. Warning: some of these are deliciously random: National Sticky Bun Day? (Who are we kidding? We are SO in! Mmmmmm.) 

But seriously, timely promotions provide a great excuse to reach out to customers. Setting up push notifications and promotions around these holidays is a fun and effective way to re-engage them.




Jan 4th - Spaghetti Day

Jan 5th - Whipped Cream Day

Jan 11th - Milk Day

Jan 19th - Popcorn Day

Jan 20th - Cheese Lover’s Day

Jan 22nd - Blonde Brownie Day

Jan 23rd - Pie Day

Jan 27th - Chocolate Cake Day

Jan 29th - Corn Chip Day

Jan 30th - Croissant Day


Feb 7th - National Fettuccine Alfredo

Feb 9th - National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day

Feb 13th - National Tortellini Day

Feb 19th - National Chocolate Mint Day

Feb 21st - National Sticky Bun Day

Feb 27th - National Strawberry Day


Mar 6th - National Oreo Cookie Day

Mar 9th - National Meatball Day and National Crab Meat Day

Mar 20th - National Ravioli Day

Mar 21st National French Bread Day

Mar 23rd - National Chip and Dip Day

Mar 27th - National Spanish Paella Day


Apr 5th - National Caramel Day and National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Apr 7th - National Coffee Cake Day

Apr 8th - National Empanada Day

Apr 11th - National Cheese Fondue Day

Apr 12th - National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Apr 16th - National Eggs Benedict Day

Apr 27th - National Prime Rib Day

Apr 29th - National Shrimp Scampi Day


May 2nd - National Truffle Day

May 4th - National Orange Juice Day

May 6th - National Beverage Day

May 8th - National Have a Coke Day

May 10 - National Shrimp Day

May 13th - National Apple Pie Day

May 15th - National Chocolate Chip Day

May 28th - National Hamburger Day


Jun 3rd - National Egg Day

Jun 4th - National Cheese Day

Jun 10th - National Iced Tea Day

Jun 15th - National Lobster Day

Jun 16th - National Fudge Day

Jun 17th - National Root Beer Day


Jul 12th - National Jello Day

Jul 13th - National French Fry Day

Jul 18th - National Caviar Day and National Sour Candy Day



Aug 3 - National Watermelon Day

Aug 5th - National Oyster Day

Aug 6th - National Root Beer Float Day

Aug 18th - National Fajita Day



Sep 5th - National Cheese Pizza Day

Sep 9th - National Wiener Schnitzel Day

Sep 10th - National TV Dinner Day

Sep 15th - National Linguine Day and National Double Cheeseburger Day

Sep 18th - National Cheeseburger Day

Sep 20th - National Punch Day

Sep 22nd - National White Chocolate Day

Sep 26nd - National Dumpling Day and National Pancake Day

Sep 27th - National Chocolate Milk Day

Sep 29th - National Coffee Day


Oct 4th - National Taco Day

Oct 7th - National Frappe Day

Oct 11th - National Sausage Pizza Day

Oct 14th - National Dessert Day

Oct 17th - National Pasta Day

Oct 20th - National Brandied Fruit Day

Oct 22nd - National Nut Day

Oct 23rd - National Boston Cream Pie Day

Oct 24th - National Food Day

Oct 25th - National Greasy Food Day

Oct 28th - National Chocolate Day

Oct 31st - National Caramel Apple Day


Nov 1st - National Calzone Day

Nov 3rd - National Sandwich Day

Nov 6th - National Nachos Day

Nov 8th - National Cappuccino Day

Nov 16th - National Fast Food Day

Nov 19th - National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day

Nov 20th - National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

Nov 23rd - National Espresso Day

Nov 26th - National Cake Day and National Cookie Day

Nov 28th - French Toast Day


Dec 8th - National Brownie Day

Dec 9th - National Pastries Day

Dec 13th - National Cocoa Day

Dec 19th - National Hard Candy Day

Dec 26th - National Candy Cane Day

Dec 30th - National Bacon Day



Jan 1st - Hangover Day

Jan 1st - Bloody Mary Day

Jan 17th - Bootleggers Day

Jan 24th - Beer Can Appreciation Day

Jan 25th - Irish Coffee Day


Feb 18th - National Drink Wine Day

Feb 22nd - National Margarita Day


Mar 3rd - National Mulled Wine Day

Mar 5th - National Absinthe Day


Apr 6th - New Beer’s Eve

Apr 7th - National Beer Day

Apr 19th - National Amaretto Day


May 9th - National Moscato Day

May 25th - National Wine Day

May 30th - National Mint Julep Day


Jun 4th - National Cognac Day

Jun 5th - National Moonshine Day

Jun 14th - National Bourbon Day

Jun 19th - National Martini Day


Jul 2nd - National Anisette Day

Jul 10th - National Pina Colada Day

Jul 11th - National Mojito Day

Jul 14th - National Grand Marnier Day

Jul 19th - National Daiquiri Day

July 24th - National Tequila Day

July 27th - National Scotch Day


Aug 3rd - National IPA Day

Aug 4th - International Beer Day

Aug 13th  - National Prosecco Day

Aug 16th - National Rum Day

Aug 25th - National Whiskey Sour Day



Sep 7th - National Beer Lover’s Day

Sep 15th - National Creme de Menthe Day

Sep 17th - National Crush a Can Day

Sep 28th - National Drink Beer Day



Oct 4th - National Vodka Day

Oct 16th - National Liqueur Day

Oct 27th - National American Beer Day



Dec 20th - National Sangria Day

Dec 24th - National Eggnog Day

Dec 31st - National Champagne Day



Jan 3rd - Drinking Straw Day

Jan 6th - Technology Day

Jan 8th - Bubble Bath Day

Jan 29th - Puzzle Day


Feb 1st - National Get Up Day

Feb 20th - National Love Your Pet Day

Feb 24th - National Skip The Straw Day


Apr 1st - April Fools Day

Apr 11th - National Pet Day

Apr 22nd - National Earth Day



May 1st - National Mother Goose Day

May 4th - National Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be With You)

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo



Jun 6th - D-Day

Jun 8th - National Best Friend Day

(Second Sat in June - National Rose Day)

Jun 23rd - National Hydration Day and National Pink Day


Sep 2nd - National VJ Day and National Tailgating Day

Sep 10th - National Grandparents Day

Sep 18th - Air Force Birthday

Sep 28th - National Good Neighbor Day


Oct 4th - National Golf Lovers Day

Oct 13th - Navy Birthday

Oct 24th - UN Day

Oct 27th - Navy Day


Nov 8th - National Harvey Wahlbanger Day

Nov 10th - Marine Corps Birthday


Dec 4th - National Dice Day

Dec 28th - National Card Playing Day


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