Your App Store Display

Your app store display is a public space where interested users can get to know your store, unique marketing message and why they should download your app. 

To finalize your app store display, you will need to approve:

  • The Name of Your App

    • The name of your app does not have to be the exact name of your store. It's okay to get creative; something like, "Joe's Liquor Barn Express" distinguishes the app but maintains your brand.

  • Your App Store Description

    • Example: "Put Joe's Liquor Barn in your pocket! Shop more than 10,000 wines, spirits and beers from your phone and have your order ready for you at the store. Search products by name, browse by filter or snap a photo of the product's label with your app.

      Simply snap a photo of what you are drinking and save your personal rating. If we have it, you can buy it from your phone in seconds and choose your Joe's Liquor Barn pick-up location. If not, Joe's Liquor Barn will give you recommendations of similar items that we have in stock. You can also search products by name or filter by style, region and variety."

  • Hex Colors for Your App

    • These set the guidelines for primary and secondary colors that will be used in your app to maintain your branding.

  • App Keywords

    • Your app's keywords are what Drync will use to set up search criteria for your app.

Contact to get started on your app store description.