Using Braintree Payment Solutions 


Braintree Payment Solutions allows companies of all sizes to maximize their business opportunities through technology that makes it easier to accept, process and split payments.

There are two options for you Braintree set up - see what's best for you below.

Option A)
Connect an Existing Account:

Follow the steps below if you would like to use your existing processor (e.g. TSYS, Heartland, Chase-Salem, etc.).

1. Email and request your own   Braintree Gateway. You will need to provide the following:

  • Voided check 

  • Pricing

  • VAR Sheet

  • Liquor Licenses for each location

2. Once your Braintree Gateway account has been created you'll need to connect it with your Drync Portal (

  • Click "Connect with Braintree"

  • Sign in to your Braintree Account

Note – some processors will not work with Apple Pay. Please see notes below. If you decide not to use your existing processor, use Option B.

Option B)
Create Braintree “Full Stack” Account:

If you are not using your own processor, or do not yet have an existing eCommerce Merchant Account, you will want to sign up for a “Full Stack” Braintree Merchant and Gateway account:

  1. Apply for a new Braintree account through Braintree Direct:
    • Click “Sign up” to start your application
  2. Complete the forms for a “Full Stack” Braintree Merchant and Gateway account. This is a new account and Braintree’s underwriting team will need the following:

    • Drivers license / State ID / Valid passport

    • Proof of address

    • Bank statements

    • Processing statements

    • IRS SS4 letter

  3. Once approved, log into the Braintree Dashboard, go to Account My User.

    • Under Authorization, click API Keys.

    • Copy the following as they will be needed to link payments to your app:

      • Merchant ID

      • Public Key

      • Private Key

Important Notes

  1. Apple Pay / Android Pay

    To enable this in your app, you must use one of the following processors:

    • Braintree (Full Stack Merchant and Gateway Account)

    • FD Cardnet - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

    • Chase Paymentech - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

    • AmEx Direct – Amex

    • AIB - Visa and Mastercard (+Amex if merchant also has Amex Direct)

    • First Data APAC - Visa and Mastercard (+Amex if merchant also has Amex Direct)

  2. Multi-store retailers
    If you have more than one location, set up one account to work with the Drync Braintree gateway, then request that Braintree set up Sub-Merchant Accounts for each individual location. This will enable payments from the same mobile application to be routed to each store’s individual merchant account.

  3. Drizly customers
    Your existing Drizly Braintree account will not work with your new app. You should apply for a new Braintree account through Drync's Gateway account (see Option A and Option B).

  4. Braintree Fees 

    • Braintree's standard processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

    • Pricing for “Gateway only” merchants is $49/month + $.10/transaction; each additional merchant account is $10/month

    • There are no monthly fees if you also have a Braintree Full Stack account; you only pay for what you use

    • There is no minimum transaction processing amount


Apple Pay Configuration

This can only be done after the Braintree account set up has been completed.

  1. Login to  

    • Go to "Settings" and then to "Processing

    • Click “Accept Apple Pay” and click on the green link

    • Click “Certificate Signing Request” and download/save dot.cert file (Note: do not open)

    • Email the certificate to and he will send you the correct version to upload to Braintree


In the past year, Apple Pay transactions increased by 500%. Wondering if you need Apple Pay and Android Pay in your app?