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App Set-up

There are three primary steps to creating your app: Payment Set-up,
Account Details and POS Integration. 

Getting Started

This process is simple, but requires your input and some coordination with third-party providers, such as your merchant account and POS provider. Let us walk you through the process.

Step 1: Payment Set Up

First we will need you to complete your ACH form and set up your e-commerce account through Braintree Payment Solutions.

This consists of two processes - filling out an ACH Form so that you can pay us seamlessly and setting up a Braintree Merchant account so that payment funnels directly into your account.

Tell us about you! The next step is where you complete forms detailing all of your contact information, each of your store locations, delivery options and shipping options.

The below buttons direct you to forms to fill out for store location information, important points of contact, and delivery information, if applicable. 

We want to integrate with your POS system as easily as possible.

Here we've laid out detailed instructions for your review about uploading your feed. You will also be able to upload a sample feed. This helps test with testing your app to see what's working and what we still need to work on before we get your app live. 

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Need help?

Contact Ed at Drync if you have any questions or need any assistance while setting up your ap: