How To Manage Inventory in the Portal

How to Manage Your Inventory in the Drync Portal


Do you want to check if that new product has been uploaded to your app? Need to quickly remove a product that has sold out? Forget to update your sale pricing? NO PROBLEM! You can now search, view, and manage your product inventory directly from the Drync portal!

To access your inventory, log into to the Drync portal and go to the Products Tab. In this section you can search products for availability and edit items instantly.



Looks up products by name, sku, or UPC in the search field at the top of the page. Each item will indicate whether it is currently for sale or not in the “For Sale” column.







Search for the desired product in the search bar at the top of the page, then click on the product you would like to edit. From the next screen you can easily remove the product from the app by clicking Remove from Sale.



To adjust inventory level or product price, click the Change Price button. From there you will have to input the New Price, the Comparison Price (if you want to show a strike-through price / discount), and a Quantity. This will override the pricing and inventory from your POS in your app through the designated time frame (ie. 7, 30, or 90 days).



NOTE:  By making adjustments to your inventory through the portal you will manually override automatic imports for that product. To revert back to automatic uploads from your POS for any product that you’ve edited, before the designated time frame ends you will need to following these steps:

  1. In Product section, search for the item using the search bar or select Show only manual overrides.

  2. Click into the product name and click the red Delete button and refresh the page.