Using Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time and these notifications can even appear on a users lock screen.

For your Drync app, push notifications are sent through

On Localytics you will need to create your login information and then you will be taken to your app dashboard page, which looks like below.

To create a push notification, click on the “Messaging” tab found under “Marketing” on the left side of your dashboard.

Next, you'll see the screen below. This will show you active campaigns, the number of pushes you sent out in the past week, and the number of pushes that users opened. If you scroll down you will be able to see previously sent pushes and a quick snapshot of their stats. Clicking on the push name will open a new page with more detailed data for that specific push notification.

Creating Your Own Push Notification

Begin by clicking on the green plus in the top right of the page and selecting “Push” in the drop down menu. 

On this page you can give the campaign a name, the app user does not see this name.

Next, choose the category that best represents the goal of your push campaign, 

The "How to Measure the Goal" section tells Localytics what data to focus on measuring. For example, "App Launch" will measure and provide you with the data on how many people clicked your push notification and actually opened your app. This measuring tool can be switched to reflect what you want to focus on.

Hit "Continue to Audience" in the bottom right of the page.

Selecting Your Audience

Note, your campaign name will be on the top left.

Here you can select "Everyone" to send to your entire list, "Saved Audience" to select an audience you've uploaded separately, or "New Audience" to upload a new list. 

The "Enable a Control Group" box is checked when you reach this page. If you do not have a lot of individuals with push enabled, then having a control group is a useless stat due to too small of a sample size.

We suggest keeping this box unchecked until you have a larger audience. Then click "Continue to Creatives"

Your Creatives

This next screen is your "Creatives," or what the user sees. The most important fields on this page are “Title” and “Message.” 

The "Title" is what will show up as the first bolded line in your push notification. This should grab user's attention. In the "Message "box should be no more than 2 lines worth of text, highlighting your promotion. This is the rest of what will show up on the user's screen.

Further down on this page, you can insert a deep link url that Drync will provide you. This will take the user to the specific bottle or collection that the push notification is referencing. You open the tab with the click tab to the right of “Deep Linking.”

For more information about deep links, click here.

A/B Testing*
*If you do not want to create an A/B test skip to scheduling

In the left menu you have the option to add a creative if you want to perform an A/B test. You will be able to set up an additional message to send out at the same time, or your "B" message. 

Clicking “A/B Test Setup” takes you to this page

Here you can set up the percentages of people receiving each of the different messages.

Scheduling Your Push Notification

Clicking continue takes you to the Scheduling screen. Here you decide when the notification will be sent out to users.

You can schedule it for:

  • 1 time immediately

  • 1 time scheduled at a specific time

  • Or automated to send it on a set schedule for a period of time

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.58.51 PM.png

The above screenshot displays the different options you have for delivery. Once you've selected your option, click "Continue and Confirm."

Select how often you want to run the notification in the drop down menu displayed below.

Fill out how many times you want a device to receive the notification, when it will begin and end, then select "Continue."

Finally you can review all of the information for your push notification and even send a test message. 

Testing Your Message

If you test this push, this popup screen appears, click “Enable Test Mode.”

Type in your cellphone number and hit send, then follow the instructions that appear on your phone.


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.59.14 PM.png

When you’re ready hit the green "Activate" button. There will be a second confirmation for activation and then your push notification will be live!