Using PromoCodes

Promotional offers, or PromoCodes, are a great way to help market your app, your store and any sale promotions. Drync will provide you with these at your request!

Below is a guide on how you can use them, how to customize the promotion in the best way for your discount, and what options you can choose from when deciding on your promocode.

Introduction to PromoCodes

The Code

All promotions have a code that the app user can type in to get their discount. These codes should be relatively short, ideally less than ten characters, and should be relevant to the promotion offered.

Examples include: Gold10, mix6, BUBBLES20, SpanishRed, ShipFREE

Store Selection

 If you are a chain and multiple locations, you are able to select whether or not this promocode is valid for certain locations or all locations.

Types of Discounts

There are two different discounts you can use:

  • Percentage Discount - This allows a customer to take a fractional amount off of their overall order.

  • Dollar Discount - This takes a fixed amount of money off of an order after everything is added to a customer's cart.

You can choose if you want this discount to be applied to the Net Amount, the Gross Amount, or to the Shipping Cost.

Making a Promo 

Time Duration

You can choose any period of time you would like this promotion to run for by providing a Start Time and an End Time.

Price Range  (Optional)

Both a Minimum and Maximum price can be provided. For example, certain promotions may only be applied on purchases of $200 or greater.

Bottle Count  (Optional)

Like Price Range, a Minimum and Maximum number of bottles may be given (This may also be an exact number of bottles). For example the Promo works only for up to 6 bottles, or a minimum of 3 bottles need to be purchased.

Customizing Your Promotion

Product Filters

There are several ways that we can concentrate a promotion to make it more specific:

  1. Type of Alcohol
    The first focus is limiting a promotion to a specific style type of alcohol, such as a discount on only Beers, Wines, or Spirits.

  2. Region
    You can mix up promotions by selecting specific countries, states, regions or appellations to discount.

  3. Alchohol Style
    From discounting Sparkling or Rosés, select Tequilas, or American IPA’s, it is easy to select a specific style of alcohol for a promotion.

  4. Price Range
    You can also select a range of prices for the bottles you want for a discount. You can list a maximum bottle price, minimum bottle price, or both to further limit what is available for this promotion.

When you're ready, contact with all of your promocode information to get things started.