Processing Mobile Orders

A Mobile Order Just Came In...Now What?

  1. Designated staff member(s) receive an email
  2. Designated staff member receives a text message (limited to one but can be changed anytime in your Drync Portal)
  3. Review order details
  4. Accept order in your Drync Portal
  5. Print invoice (2 copies) and gather product
  6. Change status to “Ready” in your Drync Portal
  7. Set Aside or Deliver
    1. For “in-store pick-up” - put product in Mobile Pick-Up area with invoice attached
    2. For “delivery” - assign to an employee for immediate delivery (calling the customer before leaving is optional)
  8. Change order status to “Delivered” or “Picked-Up” in Drync Portal when order has been completed

A Mobile Customer Came In For Pick-Up…. Now what?

  1. Thank them for placing a mobile order
  2. Direct them to the Mobile Order Pick-Up area, or bring them over yourself
  3. Ask that they pull up the order confirmation email
  4. Find their order by matching the order number and/or name with printed invoice
  5. Check customer’s ID
  6. Review order with customer
  7. Have customer sign a copy of the invoice (optional) and file it; give the customer the second copy
  8. Change order status to “Delivered” or “Picked-Up” in your Drync Portal when the order has been completed
  9. Export list of orders at the end of the day and ring out to “XXX” in POS