Making Collections In Your Drync Portal

How Do I Create a Featured Collection In My Drync App?

The first stop in your product feature-making journey is the “Merchandising” section of the Drync Retailer Portal (

Merchandising Explained

In Merchandising, you will find a list of all your past and current features. A few things to note in the lists of your collections are:

  • The Enabled/Disabled Status - An enabled list means that the list is live, and currently visible in your app. A disabled list is not live, but can be saved for future use.
  • The Campaign Duration - The campaign duration sets the parameters of how long you want the collection to run. If you set it to end on a certain date, it will automatically stop showing in the app.
  • The Order of the List - The order of your enabled lists is how they will appear in the app. To rearrange the lists you can simply drag and drop the lists to how you would like them ordered.

Additionally, there are two options to add a new item or a new list, "Add Item" and "Add List."

Adding an item is used to feature one product. Examples include wine of the month, beer of the month or another special product that is currently being featured.

Adding a list is for creating a collection around a central theme that is showcasing multiple products in that collection. For example, holiday red wines, New Years Eve Bubblies or American screw cap wines.

Tips for Creating a Featured List

  1. Create lists around a unified theme.
  2. Make sure to include a “blurb.” A blurb describes the collection and what makes it unique. The blurb word maximum is 220characters.
  3. Upload an image that is 640x300 pixels. We have several images that are already sized to the right dimensions. Images can be accessed in your Dropbox folder and at this link:

Next, set your campaign duration. You can automatically set it to end on a specific day. Set it and forget it!

Make sure to check off the store you want the list to apply to.
This is more applicable to retailers with several stores. You can attribute the list to just one store, or across all platforms.

Assign an author to the collection. The author’s name & photo will show up next to the collection. If you don’t see the correct author listed, contact!

The last step before enabling your collection is deciding whether it is a rich or basic collection. A rich collection is more prominent in the app, and should be used for the collection that you want to draw the most attention to. If you have multiple collections, we encourage a mix of rich and basic.

The last step before adding products is enabling the feature, and updating the featured list. Remember, an enabled feature means the collection is live and available for viewing in the app.

Click on update featured list, and your changes will be saved. Next step - adding products!

Adding Products to a Featured List

We recommend adding a maximum of 10 products to a list, otherwise they might get lost in the shuffle.

To add items, click on the add item button, and then search for the products by name. You can search for products by grape, or a specific bottle of wine.

For example, a search for Chardonnay brings up any product in your inventory that has Chardonnay in the name.

To add your product, click on "Add To List," and you are prompted to write a blurb about that specific product. The blurb is meant to describe the tasting notes of the product, or information about the producer. The blurb has a text limit of 220.

Continue adding your products until your list is built. Update the list, and voila! You have created a collection.

Tips for Adding One Item

Adding an item is used when you want to highlight one specific product. The process is basically the same as creating a list, but with less steps. When you click on "Add Item" you will be brought to the search page.

Using Chardonnay again as an example, here are the results for "Chateau Montelena Chardonnay."

Next click on "Feature It," and the portal will walk you through a similar process as the featured list to edit the details for your product:

  • Name the item
  • Blurb
  • Campaign Duration
  • Stores
  • Campaign Status
  • Create Featured Item

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you cannot find a product try typing variations of the name
  2. If a product does not have an image associated with it message Kat at Drync
  3. A featured list can still be enabled, but not active if the date has expired