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Texas Package Store Association 

Learn more about what Drync can offer you and how we can work
together to expand your mobile business.

Your App

Build your brand, not someone else’s. Promote the items that you want to
promote, and put your store in your customer’s pocket.

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Your Customers

Increase your loyal customer base, and build your email list.  All users of your app are your customers, not Drync’s.
You get their contact info to communicate with them however you want.

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Your Revenue

Drync prices where it adds value.  All revenue that goes through the app is yours, there is no service fee that eats
into your margin so you know what you’re getting as you’re selling.

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Your Data

Know your customer’s activity history to target better marketing to them.  Find out who is ordering what, or what they’re browsing and liking.  All of the activity and customer data is yours to improve your bottom line.

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