Your Customized Drync Marketing Plan

Drync’s Marketing Services team brings years of expertise in app and beverage alcohol marketing to offer tailored marketing plans and hands-on assistance.

The goal of marketing services is to drive downloads, increase engagement and get your store sales. Marketing service levels can be tailored to your needs, ranging from basic services which help bring your app to market, to receiving a dedicated full-time team of app marketing experts.

Advertising Management Services:

  • iTunes Search Ads

  • Google Inside AdWords

  • Samsung Pay Merchant Promotions

  • Facebook Ad / Promoted Post Campaigns

Marketing Services:  

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Email Campaign Management

  • Promotions and Collection Creation

  • Collateral

  • Partnerships, Media Outreach and Event Support

Drync will work with your marketing team to create a customized marketing campaign that builds upon your current marketing assets (email list, social media following, store traffic, tastings, wine clubs, special services, etc.) to drive app adoption, and identify marketing opportunities to attract new audiences, create buzz and build user engagement. Contact at Drync today to get started on your custom marketing plan!


Smart Banners

What is a Smart Banner?

A Smart banners is a way to raise awareness about your app while a user is already viewing your website on their mobile device. If a user is viewing your website on their phone, a Smart Banner pops up informing users to open or download the app. The link is known as a "smart link," meaning it includes the routing logic to automatically open the app when a user clicks on it. 

If the app is already installed on a users device, then the smart banner will launch the app when a user clicks on it. If the user does not have your app on their device, tapping the smart banner will direct them to download the app in the App Store.

If the device loading the banner does not support your app, or if your app is not available in the user's location, the banner will not display. However, Drync apps are supported on both Apple and Android devices.




Example of the Smart Banner if the user does not already have your app installed.






Example of the Smart Banner if the user already has your app installed.

To get started with your smart banners, contact at Drync.


Your App Store Display

Your app store display is a public space where interested users can get to know your store, unique marketing message and why they should download your app. 

To finalize your app store display, you will need to approve:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 1.49.04 PM.png
  • The Name of Your App

    • The name of your app does not have to be the exact name of your store. It's okay to get creative; something like, "Joe's Liquor Barn Express" distinguishes the app but maintains the brand.

  • Your App Store Description

    • Example: "Put Joe's Liquor Barn in your pocket! Shop more than 10,000 wines, spirits and beers from your phone and have your order ready for you at the store. Search products by name, browse by filter or snap a photo of the front label with your app.

      The Joe's Liquor Barn logo has instant image recognition and product details for millions of wines, spirits and beers. Simply snap a photo of what you are drinking and save your personal rating. If we have it, you can buy it from your phone in seconds and choose your Joe's Liquor Barn pick-up location. If not, Joe's Liquor Barn will give you recommendations of similar items that we do carry. You can also search products by name or filter by style, region and variety."

  • Hex Colors for Your App

    • These set the guidelines for primary and secondary colors that will be used in your app to maintain your branding.

  • App Keywords

    • Your app's keywords are what Drync will use to set up search criteria for your app.

Contact at Drync to get started on your app store description. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.16.25 PM.png

iTunes Search & Google Ads

Using best practices from Apple iTunes Search, Drync will create and measure paid search campaigns for keywords in four key search term segments:

  • Competitor Terms

  • Generic Non-Brand Terms

  • Brand Terms

  • Apple Search Match

We will establish target audiences, set maximum bids and budgets for each segment, measure performance and modify campaigns regularly to maximize results/ROI.

Managing Ads is a service provided by Drync'c team of marketing experts. Please connect with at Drync if you are interested in taking advantage of this service. 


Mailchimp Emails

Drync sends out automated emails to new app downloaders on your behalf. Each user receives an automated email on the day they sign up, and also on their one month anniversary.

These emails are meant to generate excitement about your app, promote specials to downloaders, and to showcase your apps unique features.

Drync will create the emails and send you tests messages for approval prior to beginning the campaign.The copy is entirely editable, and able to be tailored to your store’s exclusive marketing messages.

These emails have proven to be successful in getting more orders through the app when they are offered a "first time buyer" promotion and a "one month buyer" promotion, so be sure to let us know what promotions you would like create! Contact at Drync to get started on your custom welcome emails.

Check out samples of these emails below: 

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.09.21 PM.png

Moo - Your Printed Materials

Welcome to Moo! Moo is a terrific resource where you can create beautiful marketing materials that will be shipped directly to your door.

Getting Started

After accepting your invitation to Moo and creating your username and password, you will be presented with three options for materials. We have created templates for each option, but the text and images are easily modified.

  1. Business Cards

  2. Mini Cards

  3. Medium Post Cards

Main Moo Screen

Your Drync Products, any products we have created for you, will be listed here.

Modifying a Template

To view or modify a template, click on the green name. Each template is double sided, and you will first be presented with the front of the card. Each line of text can be modified, and the space on the top can be used to add an image or logo.

Adding an Image

To add an image, click within the dotted line box and you be able to upload an image or logo from your computer. Moo supports GIF, JPEG, PDF or PNG.

Once you have completed modifying the front of the template, click on "Design backs" and you will be presented with the back of the card.

Anytime you see the phone image, you are able to add a screenshot of your app to personalize the card. Hover over the black screen, and you will be able to add an image. Once you place the image, you can resize it to make sure it fits in the parameters of the phone.

How to Take a Screenshot on the iPhone/iPad

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device

  2. Immediately press and release the Home button

  3. To find your screenshot, go to the Photos app > Albums and tap Camera Roll

After you are satisfied with your modifications, click "Review Design" where you can view the front and backs of the cards side by side.

Make sure to save your designs, and once you click "Finish" you will be brought back to the Moo main screen. From the main screen you will be able to order your products.

Ordering Moo Materials

You can order your materials right from the main screen in Moo. But note, you have several options to choose from.

Paper Options

You can adjust the quantity of products order.

You can also adjust the paper thickness, finish and corner design of each card from the drop down menu.

Paper Thickness


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.07.17 AM.png

Corner Design

When you are done with the finishing touches of your product, add the items to your cart and it's time to check out! Enter you shipping and payment information and your Moo materials will be on the way!

Contact if you have any questions.


Image Assets

During the on boarding process with Drync you will be invited to join Dropbox for access to marketing images. In your dropbox you will find several folders with the following content. 



In the assets folder there are two images of a hand holding your app and screenshots of your app. 


Email Assets:

In the email assets folder are five banners that can be used as headers or footers for emails, or in social media posts. 






In the posters folder there is  large  screenshot of your app and also a mobile order pick up sign that can be placed near your mobile pick up area in the store. These images are perfect to mount on foam core for a large poster display. 



Press Release for Announcing Your App

**Need instructions for what to do with PR. 


For Immediate Release


Aimee Cronin
VP Partnerships, Drync


[YOUR STORE NAME] Goes Mobile with App
Powered by Drync, Inc.
Drync, Inc. launches mobile ordering and marketing app for [Name] powered by its acclaimed app platform.


DATE, 2016 (Somerville, MA) -- Consumers in [Region] can now shop real-time inventory of wine, spirits and beer from [Name’s] free mobile app for iPhone and place orders in seconds through the app for local delivery, in-store pickup, or shipment.

[Name] is the first in [Town] to launch a mobile e-commerce app of this nature, giving their customers an easy and convenient way to browse and shop their store - anytime, anywhere. Through their app, [Name] offers customers [insert delivery specifics and/or introductory promotional offer with promocode].  

Unlike third-party marketplace and delivery apps, there are no mark-ups on shelf prices in retail apps powered by Drync. Consumers get the convenience of mobile ordering and delivery with better pricing, greater selection and personalized offers. [Name] receives 100% of the sales profits, allowing them to offer better promotions and invest in service and selection.

“Insert quote from owner of retail location”

“Our new mobile solution makes local wine shops competitive in an increasingly digital world,” says Brad Rosen. “Consumers today have very high expectations - the Drync platform gives each retailer a state-of-the-art, world class commerce app without having to invest in developing it themselves, while enabling a new communication channel through which they can connect with their best customers.”

In addition, [Name’s] app has instant image recognition of over 2 million products and powerful search and browse capabilities that allow consumers to find and remember favorites by snapping a picture of the label, entering a text search or browsing. [Name’s] app will also generate personalized recommendations for each customer based on individual tastes.

Key App Features:

  • Browse and search store’s full catalogue of wine, spirits and beer

  • Browse staff picks, product features and promotions

  • Purchase through the app for expedited in-store pickup and delivery

  • Snap a picture of any wine, beer or spirit for instant details

  • Save personal ratings and notes to history

  • Receive personalized recommendations, based on tastes

  • Share products with friends through email, text or social media

About [Retailer]

*Insert retailer’s boilerplate*

About Drync

Drync, Inc. is a venture-backed mobile SaaS platform for beverage e-commerce. Founded in 2008, the Drync app has been a top wine app for eight years where consumers can track, share and buy wine, beer and spirits through browse, text search, or snapping a picture of the label. In 2016, Drync launched a turnkey mobile platform built on its technology specifically for beverage alcohol retailers to have their own unique sales and marketing apps. In April 2016, Drync also launched a collaboration with eBay offering seamless integration for Drync Partners to market their products on eBay. For more information, visit:






Facebook Ads for Your App

Your company Facebook presence gives you access to the one billion people who are connected online. What better place to promote your app?

Using your Facebook for Business Manager you can set objectives, customize content, specify your audience, and monitor and analyze your results to help you see what works, what doesn’t, and what else you can do to reach your objectives.

Creating a Facebook Ad

Follow these easy steps to create Facebook Ads that promote your products and your app.

Choose an Advertising Objective

The first step in creating a Facebook Ad is deciding your objective. This helps the Facebook algorithum measure your data. For example, if you want to create an ad to increase traffic to your website or get more people to download your app, select "Traffic" under the "Consideration" column.

Naming your Ad Set

Next to "Ad Set Name," add a name for your ad set or use the default name that appears.

Select Your Page*

*You'll only be prompted to "Add a Page" if you've selected an ad objective that requires a "Page" selection. If this happens, you can select your store's page (or specific location page).

Choose Your Audience

In the "Audience" section, fill out the details of your audience. You can choose audience characteristics such as age, gender, interests, and the list goes on!

Facebook posts and promoted posts (ads) can be fun, easy, and can reach anyone you want! However, as an alcoholic retailer it’s important that your posts are set up and categorized properly. In the age field above, it is important that you check that your audience be at least 21 years old.

You can even specify people based on interests. So for example, you could put, “Wine lovers, Enjoy entertaining, Craft Beer, etc” and this will help generate results.

Select Your Ad Placements

In the "Placements" section, decide where your ads will appear (Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network). If you select "Automatic Placements," your ads will be shown to your audience in a place that it's likely to perform best. If you would like to do this manually, select "Edit Placements."

Set Your Budget and Ad Schedule

In the "Budget & Schedule" section, you can choose a budget and set your ad's schedule.

Select an Ad Format

In the "Format" section, choose from several ad formats, including: Carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, or Canvas.

Choose your media

In the "Media" section, choose the creative you'd like to use in your ad. You can do just simple text ads, graphics with images, videos, or slideshows.

Image Specifications                                                                                                                      Video Specifications

Add Text to Your Ads

After choosing your images, you can enter the text you'd like your ad to have. You may also have the option to add a call-to-action button, choose a pixel and more.

Placing Your Order and Payment

When you're ready, click "Place Order" at the bottom of ad creation to order your Facebook ads. The first time you place an order, you'll be asked to enter your payment information.

Your Ads Reach and Results

While creating your ad, you will be able to see Facebook’s estimated results on the right hand side of your screen.

After you’ve launched your ad, you will receive Facebook for Business notifications regarding your ad and be able to view the results. This will show information about how many people were exposed to your ad, viewed your ad, clicked your ad, etc.

Interested in learning more regarding audience options, best times to schedule, and what budget to set for your Facebook ads?