Using Deeplinks

What is a Deeplink?

A deep link or branch link is a link created to specify a dictionary of data that you want to pass into the app, so that you can take the user to a specific product, or piece of content within the app.

To put it simply, deeplinks differ from regular web links because they allow you to bring a user directly to the product or collection you’re featuring in the app. Without the deeplink, users would be brought to their app store, even if they already had the app.

Why is This Important?

Deeplinking is important because it makes the experience more enjoyable for the user, which ultimately can encourage purchases. It’s a win-win.

Using deeplinks also allows you to drive growth and be more targeted in your marketing promotions tactics.

Without deep linking analytics, identifying who your rock star platform users are requires a substantial amount of custom analytics. Identifying what users on your platform are driving the most installs becomes tough and even harder to continue promoting.