Using Your App at Events

Wine tasting events just got a whole lot better....

Once upon a time, people came to tastings, quaffed a thing or two (maybe ate a little cheese), and forgot the name of everything they just tried before even walking out the door.

Your mobile app changes this. With the ‘snap a photo function’ on your app, all the information customers need to buy that favorite wine over and over again is saved.

With a little planning ahead, you can make it even easier to remember and buy these wines. By highlighting the wines for the tasting into a collection in your app, customers can quickly favorite what they like while at the tasting.

Every tasting is an opportunity to get people to fall in love with your app! Here are some tips to help you market your app better at these events:

  • Market your app along with the tasting! Make sure everyone knows about the app before coming.

  • Make sure the supplier and/or tasting staff knows all about your app. This way they can talk about it during the event.

  • Extra incentives for downloading or having the app at the tasting go a long way. See what some of our clients have done in the past:

  1. Give-aways (special glass, etc.) - give a prize or something small away to anyone who comes to the tasting with the app already on their phone

  2. Raffles – use raffle tickets and have customers use the app to enter

  3. Using the App - encourage consumers to use the app to vote on their favorites at the tasting

  4. Discounts - provide a discount code that customers can use in the app for 24-48 hours after the tasting

Every event is different and there is certainly room to get creative. If you have any event ideas you'd like to run by us, please reach out to We love thinking about drinking outside of the box!