Printed Materials - Moo

Welcome to Moo! Moo is a terrific resource where you can create beautiful marketing materials that will be shipped directly to your door.

Getting Started

After accepting your invitation to Moo and creating your username and password, you will be presented with three options for materials. We have created templates for each option, but the text and images are easily modified.

  1. Business Cards

  2. Mini Cards

  3. Medium Post Cards

Main Moo Screen

Your Drync Products, any products we have created for you, will be listed here.

Modifying a Template

To view or modify a template, click on the green name. Each template is double sided, and you will first be presented with the front of the card. Each line of text can be modified, and the space on the top can be used to add an image or logo.

Adding an Image

To add an image, click within the dotted line box and you be able to upload an image or logo from your computer. Moo supports GIF, JPEG, PDF or PNG.

Once you have completed modifying the front of the template, click on "Design backs" and you will be presented with the back of the card.

Anytime you see the phone image, you are able to add a screenshot of your app to personalize the card. Hover over the black screen, and you will be able to add an image. Once you place the image, you can resize it to make sure it fits in the parameters of the phone.

How to Take a Screenshot on the iPhone/iPad

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device

  2. Immediately press and release the Home button

  3. To find your screenshot, go to the Photos app > Albums and tap Camera Roll

After you are satisfied with your modifications, click "Review Design" where you can view the front and backs of the cards side by side.

Make sure to save your designs, and once you click "Finish" you will be brought back to the Moo main screen. From the main screen you will be able to order your products.

Ordering Moo Materials

You can order your materials right from the main screen in Moo. But note, you have several options to choose from.

Paper Options

You can adjust the quantity of products order.

You can also adjust the paper thickness, finish and corner design of each card from the drop down menu.

Paper Thickness


Corner Design

When you are done with the finishing touches of your product, add the items to your cart and it's time to check out! Enter you shipping and payment information and your Moo materials will be on the way!

Contact if you have any questions.