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Aimee Cronin
VP Partnerships, Drync


[YOUR STORE NAME] Goes Mobile with App
Powered by Drync, Inc.
Drync, Inc. launches mobile ordering and marketing app for [Name] powered by its acclaimed app platform.

DATE, 2016 (Somerville, MA) -- Consumers in [Region] can now shop real-time inventory of wine, spirits and beer from [Name’s] free mobile app for iPhone and place orders in seconds through the app for local delivery, in-store pickup, or shipment.

[Name] is the first in [Town] to launch a mobile e-commerce app of this nature, giving their customers an easy and convenient way to browse and shop their store - anytime, anywhere. Through their app, [Name] offers customers [insert delivery specifics and/or introductory promotional offer with promocode].  

Unlike third-party marketplace and delivery apps, there are no mark-ups on shelf prices in retail apps powered by Drync. Consumers get the convenience of mobile ordering and delivery with better pricing, greater selection and personalized offers. [Name] receives 100% of the sales profits, allowing them to offer better promotions and invest in service and selection.

“Insert quote from owner of retail location”

“Our new mobile solution makes local wine shops competitive in an increasingly digital world,” says Brad Rosen. “Consumers today have very high expectations - the Drync platform gives each retailer a state-of-the-art, world class commerce app without having to invest in developing it themselves, while enabling a new communication channel through which they can connect with their best customers.”

In addition, [Name’s] app has instant image recognition of over 2 million products and powerful search and browse capabilities that allow consumers to find and remember favorites by snapping a picture of the label, entering a text search or browsing. [Name’s] app will also generate personalized recommendations for each customer based on individual tastes.

Key App Features:

  • Browse and search store’s full catalogue of wine, spirits and beer

  • Browse staff picks, product features and promotions

  • Purchase through the app for expedited in-store pickup and delivery

  • Snap a picture of any wine, beer or spirit for instant details

  • Save personal ratings and notes to history

  • Receive personalized recommendations, based on tastes

  • Share products with friends through email, text or social media

About [Retailer]

*Insert retailer’s boilerplate*

About Drync

Drync, Inc. is a venture-backed mobile SaaS platform for beverage e-commerce. Founded in 2008, the Drync app has been a top wine app for eight years where consumers can track, share and buy wine, beer and spirits through browse, text search, or snapping a picture of the label. In 2016, Drync launched a turnkey mobile platform built on its technology specifically for beverage alcohol retailers to have their own unique sales and marketing apps. In April 2016, Drync also launched a collaboration with eBay offering seamless integration for Drync Partners to market their products on eBay. For more information, visit: