I Like Big Orders and I Cannot Lie...

Fortunately online app orders make shopping and ordering big simple.

There are a few key audiences that tend to order more than average: party people, corporate clients, and collectors. Let’s take a moment, get into their minds and figure out what will drive them to use your app.

Party People: Plan and Order Ahead

Preparing for any event takes a lot of work. When pressed for time, browsing store aisles can become a chore.

But with your app, these party people can pick and order ahead of time on their phones. So push that!

 Encouraging these customers to use your app to plan their next party by highlighting what the app can do for them will really make a difference. Customers may not realize that they can review favorites from their history, search for specific items or browse and filter by style, price and region. 

Game changer.

Corporate Clients: Set It, and Forget It

For all of those Office Managers keeping their corporate offices stocked, delivery is key. Not only is it difficult for them to get away from their desks to shop for wine and beer mid-day, getting it all back to the office can be daunting. 

Reaching out to local businesses and letting them know that with the app they can order ahead and get delivery, will encourage these customers to use it.

Collectors: Concierge Service Tailored to Them

Collectors will spend hours at a time searching for the right wine, whiskey, beer...or whatever their libation of choice may be! These customers need to be reminded that they have access to your entire inventory at their fingertips.

They can also use your app to catalogue what they have in their cellar, as well as products they discover with friends or while traveling, all by snapping a picture of the label.

Your app provides an opportunity to connect with these customers in a meaningful and actionable way, giving them better service and an incentive to buy in large quantities from you. 

Like hair in the ‘80s: the bigger, the better when it comes to sales.