Downloads for Dummies

A Drync guide to getting more downloads

Downloads are essential to having a successful app.

There are many things you can do to encourage people to download your app, but we all have to start somewhere. Here are the first 3 things you need to do out of the gate:

1. Tell Everyone

And I mean EVERYONE. Employees should mention the app any time they’re speaking to a customer. They can start by simply asking, “Do you have our app?”

Obviously, a go-to pitch is even better when it’s genuine. Every employee should familiarize themselves with your app. That way, when they’re telling your customers about it, they’re speaking from experience.

2. Include Download Links Everywhere

Emails, social media posts, website pages, in-store posters and signs - these are all easy places to encourage and remind customers to download your app. Whether it be a sharp looking graphic or simple text saying “Download our App,” hyperlink it all for fast and easy downloads.

Here at Drync, we have one client who’s really taken this to heart and includes a link to download their app and uses “deeplinks” to link directly to products in their app in all of their promotions. Within two days of announcing their app over email, 10% of the customers on their email list had downloaded the app.

Social media promotions, search ads, local mailings, traditional marketing and staff enthusiasm continued to grow their audience. Month over month, their app audience doubled in size, also growing their email audience by 25% over the quarter. A few months later, a whopping 26.5% of app users made purchases through the app, and 60% of them are already repeat buyers!

To put this in perspective, typical buyer conversion rates are 1.5% on mobile web and 3% on desktop internet. Getting downloads encourages customers to use the app, increasing sales. A win-win!

3. Reward App Users

Who doesn’t love free stuff? It is amazing how the power of a prize can get folks to download your app on the spot.

Cool give-aways and special promo codes are excellent incentives, but you can even get customer downloads with a simple push like, “Show us you have our app and get a piece of chocolate!”

It’s easy: Start simple and work up from there. It’s a small expense, but worth it in the end.