Apple requires Drync-powered Retailer apps to be published under your Apple Developer Account.  For us to submit your app to iTunes, you need to create an Apple Developer Account and invite us to be an admin. Don't worry, it is pretty simple. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you don’t have one already, Create an Apple ID, making sure to enable two-factor authentication (2-factor auth is required - see below for notes)

  2. Sign up for a Developer account 

    • (FYI - Apple charges $99/year for the account; this is a universal requirement in order to have your own app and you only need 1 account)

    • Choose “Company/Organization” for the “Entity Type"

    • You will need to have this info on hand:
      • Legal Entity Name (The legal entity name must correspond with the tax ID you plan to use)
      • D-U-N-S number
      • Website
      • HQ Phone
      • Tax ID/National ID
  3. Once you've created your developer account, add to it:

    1. Add as an ADMIN on your developer account - here’s how

    2. Go to and invite

Some Notes:

  • Companies can have multiple DUNS numbers. If the one you have doesn’t work, you can look up the DUNS number Apple has on file here

  • For security purposes, Apple requires a two-factor authentication to set up your developer account, which means you need to have 2 Apple devices (could be desktop + iPhone, or iPad + iPhone etc) signed into the same account on hand.