Delivery Windows

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Adding detailed delivery parameters to your app, allows you to clearly set customer expectations for on-demand and scheduled deliveries. There are a few ways these can be configured to best reflect how you serve your customers. You may offer on-demand delivery, scheduled delivery, or a combination of both. Here's more detail about each option and how they are configured.

On-Demand Delivery

The idea around on-demand deliveries is that they are processed and delivered as soon as the store receives them.  

For this offering, you set the general delivery ETA (eg. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc) and the hours during which you will offer on-demand delivery. Customers can begin placing orders for on-demand delivery as soon as your store delivery hours "open." The last on-demand delivery can placed up to the end of the delivery hour time period, minus your estimated delivery time.

For example, if your store'd delivery hours are set to 10am-6pm and your estimated delivery turnaround is 60 minutes, the latest your app will accept an on-demand delivery order is 5pm. 

So, when considering delivery hours, you might want to think about the latest time you would like your drivers to leave the store and then add the estimated delivery time to it. 

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduled deliveries offer users a set of fixed windows from which they can choose to have their order delivered. We suggest offering 1-2 hour window chunks. Once a customer enters the timeframe of a given window, they will be given the option to choose the next available window (s).

This means, if a customer places an order at 1:15, they will not be able to  choose a 1pm-2pm delivery window, the earliest they could have it delivered would be 2pm-3pm. That said, you could see how this wouldn't work so well if you were to set up a 9am-4pm delivery window. Smaller windows are a better user experience.

Delivery windows can be displayed a couple of ways.

1) Rolling Windows - This essentially shows the next available windows within the next 24 hours. This works well, if you have the same delivery windows set up each day. It allows customers to order for same day, or next day delivery, but they can not schedule delivery several days out.

2) Unique Daily Windows - This option has a different set of windows for each day that you offer delivery. This works well, if your delivery hours are different during the week than on the weekend, or if you only delivery on certain days during the week. By setting up unique delivery windows for each day of the week, customers can scroll through all of your delivery options for the full week. 


If you'd like to offer both on-demand and scheduled delivery, you can do that too! During your delivery hours, both options will be presented to the customer and they can choose which one they prefer. Once your delivery hours have ended for the day, customers will be given the option to choose a delivery window in the future.

This is the preferred choice when offering on-demand, as it allows you to capture orders after hours for delivery another day.

If you have any questions or feedback about Delivery Windows, just click the blue chat button in your portal and let us know what they are! 


Delivery Exclusions

We are excited to announce the ability to manage when you can turn off Delivery for a specified time period with a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click under the Store tab

  3. Select Delivery Exclusions

  4. Select Add Exclusion

  5. Choose the Start Date when you would like to turn off Delivery Service

  6. Click on the blue clock to select the Start Time that you would like to turn off Delivery Service

    • Remember to check for AM and PM!

  7. Repeat the same steps for the End Date / Time that you would like to turn Delivery Service back on

  8. Click Save and you are all set!