The True Power of Facebook

One Billion. One billion is the amount of people who are connected online through Facebook. One billion! Think about that for a second, everyone you would want to connect with is on Facebook... we might be onto something here. 

The Birth of Your Biz on Facebook

If you haven’t already, you should just go ahead and create a Facebook business page! With just a few clicks you can set up a beautiful page that represents your brand and allows you to communicate to vast audiences, old and new. Once you are up and running, it’s pretty quick and easy get to the fun stuff. 

Run an Ad already!
Once you have a Facebook page, you’ll want to get your posts noticed. Building an audience of followers can take some time and truthfully only about 7% of your “followers” or “fans” will organically see your posts, UNLESS you promote them. 

Facebook allows you to create an ad (or Promoted Post). You can do this out of the gate and it is guaranteed to reach your defined audience. While it is pay to play, Facebook for businesses is a very affordable and effective ad medium - and with over 50% of Facebook users ONLY accessing Facebook on mobile, it is particularly useful for promoting your app.

All you need to do is create a post and boost it.

But before you spend cycles on creative and money on promotion, ask yourself these questions…

  • What are the objectives of your ad?
  • Who do you want to target?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How long do you want run this ad?

Facebook allows you target your ads, you can:

  • Target your audience by location, gender, age, interests...
  • Define your budget and see how many people you will reach
  • Save the audience so you can reuse it whenever you please

Now, who do you want to target? Existing customers? Similar customers? You can do either, by targeted different audience types:

  • Custom Audience: Upload a list of contact info such as email addresses and phone numbers of your existing customers. Facebook will match them to user profiles in their system and target your post to them. You can also run ads that exclude these users so that you can focus on new customers. 
  • Lookalike Audience:  Create an audience of people similar to your existing customers and put in other targeting options to deliver ads to them. 

Bullseye Targeting

A key to running a good Facebook ad is targeting. Targeting is based on a collection of different things that relate to your business. 

  • Location: Reach your customers based on where they live or where your business is located. You can target your ads by country, state, zip code or by radius around your store.
  • Demographics: The people you want to reach are most definitely on Facebook, and we can find them based on their demographics. Whether it is there age (21+, of course), gender, interests, language, or even the device they using to log into Facebook (eg. iOS mobile). Here is an example set of demographics...
    • Over 21
    • Live in [5-10 mile radius]
    • Enjoy Wine
    • Craft Beer
    • Spirits
    • Enjoy entertaining
    • HHI $75k+
    • Graduate Students
  • Interests: Building more on the idea of demographics, we can really target people's interests that relate to your business. Facebook allows you to choose from categories such as shipping, music, movies, sports, and more, but they also allow you to choose your own which is where we can get more specific and really find that wine loving community!
  • Behaviors: No one knows your customers better than you do, and we can find them based on how they behave. If they are planning on having a party, if they enjoy going to dinner, or even if they are planning to move houses. You never know what behaviors can lead to the purchase of fine wines but you will definitely be on top of everything!
  • Connections: You can reach people who already like your page or your app! You can reach their friends too!
  • Partner Categories: There are also offline behaviors that your customers demonstrate, and through third party data partners you can reach people based off of these actions not shown on Facebook.
    • What brands they are loyal too
    • Favorite type of liquor

Bonus Tips:

Here are some helpful and creative strategies to grow your customer fan-base!

  1. Use Facebook’s Insight feature to see when your followers are online and best time to post
  2. Schedule posts ahead of time - this allows you to post with consistency without having
  3. Use Images and Videos to catch your followers attention! - They don’t have to look professional, people want to see “real” footage
  4. Announce promotions and link to your “Universal App Download Link” to drive people to promotion details in your app
  5. Promote your page in your emails, on your website and in the store -  let your customers know your Facebook page is out there! A simple icon can go a long way.