Using your App at Events

Wine tastings just got a whole lot better....

Once upon a time, people came to tastings, quaffed a thing or two (maybe ate a little cheese) and almost immediately forgot the name of everything they just tried once they walked out the door.

Your mobile app changes this game. All anyone has to do is snap a photo of the label with your app and all the info they need is saved to their phone... FOREVER!

With a little planning ahead, you can even make it easier by featuring a collection of what your are tasting in your app. In one tap, they can follow along, get product info and save their personal ratings. 

Every tasting is an opportunity to get people to fall in love with your app and look to you as an educational and e-commerce resource.

Two no-brainer things you should do leading up to the tasting:

  1. Tell people about your app BEFORE the tasting starts - ie. make it part of the tasting promotion and marketing materials. 
  2. Make sure the supplier and/or tasting staff knows all about your app - explain features and selling opportunity to them and get them psyched about it so they talk it up while people are tasting!

Getting people to download your app can be as easy as explaining an awesome feature or two, but extra incentives never hurt (and can be fun for all!). Here are some things we’ve done in the past that have worked well: 

  1. Give a glass of bubbly (or something cool, like a special glass) to anyone who comes to the tasting with the app already on their phone
  2. Raffle something off - and to enter, guests just need to scan and rate a wine with your app. Give them an entry for every scan (or search)
  3. Encourage consumers to use the app to vote on their favorites at the tasting
  4. Have an area where you display the "favorites" and/or offer deals on "Mobile Peoples' Choice"
  5. Give them a deal - Provide a promocode that guests can use in the app for 24-48 hours

Every event is different and there is certainly room to get creative. If you have any event ideas you'd like to run by us, please reach out to We love thinking about drinking outside of the box!