Promoting Products in Your App

Once people have downloaded your app, you want them to use it often. Fortunately, your app has some amazing and engaging features, but you still got to keep things interesting. 

There are several ways to highlight promotions and educational content in your app. Keeping content fresh and promoting it in other mediums (like email and social media) will encourage your users to continue coming back to your app and connecting with you.

A few quick tips for managing content in your app without making yourself crazy:

1) Plan ahead:  Try to schedule promos out a month at a time. Last minute ideas and deals are fine too, but try to come up with a handful of scheduled promotions ahead of time to avoid stale content and weekly moments of panic.

2) Don't re-invent the wheel: Promote what you are marketing in the store and/or in your emails in the app. Leverage what you are already doing. You don't need to make up new stuff.

3) Use the App Promo Requests Form: There are five different types of features you can request through this short and easy form. This gives the Drync team all the information they need to create your promotions. If you have any questions or edits, you can always contact

Here are the five “features” you can request through the form: 

  • Push Notifications:  A proactive notification sent to users on their mobile devices. When users swipe on the notification, it will bring them to your storefront. Use this to promote special deals, new items and events. 
  • Single Product Feature: Call attention to a special deal, staff pick or flash sale on the home screen of your app.  
  • Collection Feature: Whether its a collection of great new IPAs, Bourbons or Barolos, this feature allows you to create a story around several products. Collections can be attributed to your expert staff and feature content in their "voice," so customers feel connected with your team. You can also create promo codes specific to the products in that collection.
  • InApp Message: This is a special pop-up message.  You can use it to call attention to a collection or product and it can be targeted to specific audiences. For example, you could target an announcement for new Rose releases to anyone who has searched or scanned roses.

4) Tie it all together: As part of your account set up, we will provide you with a "Universal Download Link." Use this freely - it's not just for downloads. It will bring who have the app to your store front where they can see all of your promotions. Include this link in your email and social media campaigns - and anywhere you talk about your deals on the web.