“I Like Big Orders and I Cannot Lie”

Like hair in the ‘80s, the bigger the better when it comes to sales. 

Fortunately, your app is great for large purchases - it makes shopping and ordering simple and pick-up (or delivery) a breeze. 

While every customer has the potential to order big, there are a few key audiences that tend to order more than average: party people, corporate clients and collectors. Let’s take a moment to get into their minds and what would drive them to use your app.

Party People: Plan and order ahead

Your app is a refreshing new tool for party planners big and small. Preparing for a shindig takes a lot of work. When you are pressed for time, browsing aisles at a store can become a chore. You app let customers shop at their own leisure from their phones - they can review favorites from their history, search for specific items, or browse and filter by style, price, region. 

Pulling together a mobile order can be done anytime, anywhere and ordering ahead gives you a chance to bundle their order ahead of time for uber convenient pick-up and easy transportation. 

Be sure to encourage customers to use your app to plan their next party! 

Corporate Clients: Set it, and forget it

In addition to office parties, corporate events, and gifting, many office managers are tasked with stocking the office fridge with libations. Delivery is key to keeping this job easy. Not only is it difficult to get away from your desk to shop for wine and beer mid-day, it’s a lot of product to schlep back to the workplace. 

Ordering ahead of time and re-ordering easily is a huge benefit. Your app makes this super easy. 

We highly encourage you to start an outeach campaign to local businesses and let them know your app is the best way to easily plan an event. 

One idea for reaching this audience would be to host an event at their office. If you have the resources, arrange to bring in some wines and do a tasting! You could even mandate people download your app to attend. It will cost you close to nothing and will pay off ten fold. Establish a good relationship and they will be likely repay your good graces with business. 

Collectors: Concierge service tailored to them

Collectors will spend hours at a time searching for the right wine, whiskey, beer... or whatever their libation of choice may be! Let them know how easy it is to search your entire store’s inventory through your app. They can also use your app to catalogue what they have in their cellar, as well as products they discover with friends or while traveling. All by snapping a picture of the label.

With this information, your buyers can better understand these high value customer and offer concierge service to them to build out their collections - be it with products you have in stock, or items brought in special for them.

You app gives you an opportunity to connect with these customers in meaningful and actionable way, giving them better service and an incentive to buy in large quantities from you.