Getting Downloads 101

The beauty of digital marketing is not only can you reach a broad audience efficiently and affordably, the call to action is immediate. 

Okay, your app is up and running. Woohoo! Wondering what you should you do now? A logical “step one” is to get people to download your app. Let’s talk more about how to do that... 

Going in, it’s important to remember messages are more effective when repeated. The old school rule of advertising is that someone has to get a message 7 times before taking action. In our world of distractions, modern day advertisers suggest the new magic number could be upwards of 20 times before a customer “buys.” Your app is helpful, easy and free, so your magic number is likely somewhere in the middle. Still, you need to get the word out there in many ways.

Here are some tips on how to market your app here, there and everywhere: 

In-Store Marketing:
Our survey says over 50% of customers would most likely download the app after hearing about it at the store.  Here are some suggestions.

  1. Word of Mouth - Train every employee to say “Download our app” whenever they talk to customers.
  2. Old Fashioned Paper - Have your clerks give customers a handout about your app with every purchase at the store.
  3. Receipts - Though discreet, adding a simple line “Download our app” to all receipts is cheap and sure to get into the hands of every customer.
  4. Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs - Big, little, on the door, at the register and on the floor. Put signs everywhere in the store. 
    • Large standing signs near the door
    • Large window displays and signs (double-sided for double promotion)
    • Door decals
    • Small signs at checkout, framed or placed in laminated mats on the counter
    • Digital displays (TV monitors, iPads)
    • iPad kiosks (that allow people to text themselves a link to download)
  5. Make it VIP - Make people with your app feel awesome every time they walk through the door.
    • Set up an area (big or small) for mobile order pickup - make it look good with a big sign that that says “Mobile Order Pickup Here”
    • Display mobile orders in special packaging, like reusable bottle bags
    • Give treats to people who have the app or use it to place orders - bottle openers, wine glass charms, reusable bags, glasses, koozies, or even something as simple as a piece of chocolate goes a long way
    • Create displays of products rated highly by your app users - show them they have a voice and you are listening to it
  6. Events - Getting people to use your app at every store tasting you hold is a win for you, the customer and the supplier. 
    • Train suppliers or tasting staff on your app ahead of time and make sure they download it on their phone
    • Encourage customers to scan and rate wines at the tasting - you can display popular choice as an added bonus
    • Offer benefits to people who have the app - taste of something special, discount or free tickets to an upcoming tasting, a special tasting glass…
    • Coordinate tastings with local businesses or condominium complexes in the area, encourage them to use the app at the event to rate and remember the products. Afterwards, display their favorite at the store.
  7. Print Advertising - Maximize your ad spend by allocating space to promote your app. 
    • Add a graphic and “Download our app” call to action to advertisements
    • Include mention of download incentives (eg. Show us you have our app and get a free corkscrew! or Free delivery on your first order!) 
    • Make your ads interactive! Did you know people can use your app to scan product images in your print ads?  It’s true. They can scan and buy any label image you feature. See how this worked with Food and Wine Magazine.

Digital/Web Marketing:
These are the days of digital marketing! In 2016, the average person spends 6 hours on their smartphone or computer, more than ½ of which is mobile.  

The beauty of digital marketing is that not only can you reach a broad audience efficiently and affordably, the call to action is immediate.  

To make your digital marketing seamless, use smart “branch” links provided by Drync that drive people to the app store on mobile devices and your download landing page on desktop. 

You don’t have to be a digital marketing maven to get results. Here are some easy things to do:

  1. Email Announcement - Announce your new app to your email subscribers highlighting the app features and any promotions you have in place (eg. free wine key, or delivery available). 
  2. Add to Every Email You Send - Remind people of your app in every email.  in the “footer” of your email template, add text or a banner image encouraging people to download your app
  3. Add a “Smart Banner” to your site - Prompt people to download your app whenever they go to your website on their iPhone. You can do this with one line of HTML code from Apple - learn more here.  
  4. Promote on your website - When people find their way to your website, it’s important they know you have an app. Section off a portion of your site for app promotion, or even better have a pop-up display whenever someone visits your site.  
  5. Get Social - Announce your app on your social platform of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… for social, we currently prefer Facebook, as there are great tool for targeting and replicating specific audiences and paid promotions. 

The more promotion you do, the faster your audience will build. That said, start out with whatever is easy for you and build from there. Promotion isn’t something you’ll ever want to stop, but once these marketing initiatives are in place they will generate ongoing results.