Downloads for Dummies

3 no-brainer ways to get people to download your app

Downloads are pretty essential to having a successful app. There are lots of things you can do to encourage people to get your app, but you've got start somewhere. Here are 3 crazy simple ways to get people downloading your app today:

1) Tell people about your app

A-duh, right? Anytime an employee talks to a customer, they should ask “Do you have our app?” and then encourage customers to download it. And EVERY employee should be committed to spreading the word to customers. 

Here’s a quick schpleal to memorize:
“Do you have our app? You can shop our entire inventory from your phone and order ahead for quick pick-up or delivery.* You can also use it to snap photos any wine, spirit or beer and it will give you product details in seconds and let you save your personal ratings.” 
(*if you offer delivery)

Obviously, a go-to pitch is even better when it is genuine.  Every employee should familiarize themselves with your app. They should download it and use it often. Have your staff write up their favorite ways to use your app and spread the word about what they personally love about it. 

2) Include download links in everything digital

Email, website, social media - all of these are super easy places to encourage people to download your app. Whether it be a sharp looking graphic or simple text saying “Download our App,” hyperlink it. 

As part of your account set-up, we will create a Universal Download Link for you that brings people on mobile to the App Store and people on their computers to a webpage that will send a download link to their phones. (If you don’t have this link, email us at:

You can also add a “Smart Banner” that links directly to the app store to the top of your mobile webpage with one line of code from Apple - learn more here.  

3) Give people something for having your app

People LOVE free stuff. It is amazing how the power of a prize can get folks to download your app on the spot. Cool tchotchkes and special promo codes are excellent incentives, but it can be as simple as “Show us you have our app and get a piece of chocolate.” Seriously.  Start simple and work up from there. It’s a small expense, but worth it in the end.