5 Reasons Why Your App is So Fly

Congratulations! You officially have your own personalized app in the app store available to the world to download. Let’s take a look at all the amazing features that you now have at your disposal. 

Right off the bat, your app gives your store the power to:
    •    Drive commerce
    •    Promote specials and new items
    •    Build Loyalty
    •    Nurture 1-1 relationships

How? In addition to making it super easy for customers to browse and buy products from your store from their phones, your app offers a ton of unique and engaging features that make it a useful tool. In short, your app is SO FLY. Here’s why... 

1) Unmatched Image Recognition

Your app is powered by one of the most powerful and accurate image recognition systems in the world, with instant image recognition, product information and reviews for millions of wines, spirits and beers. 

What’s more, you have a curation team working for you around the clock, so if by chance a product isn’t recognized immediately, a human will personally research the product, match it to the correct information and notify the customer when the record has been updated.

What does this mean? Customers can use your app to snap pictures of any wine, spirit or beer label to get product details and reviews instantly. They can save their personal ratings to their history, share with friends, and if you have you have it on your shelf, they can buy it from their phone in seconds.

2) Product Search and Filter


Did you know 80% of people on smartphones use them to check for product availability nearby? Those who do, buy at a 40% higher rate.*

Your app makes this incredibly easy for customers - making your store a go-to shopping resource.

We integrate with your POS, so they can search available items by name, filter by categories and peruse specials and featured items that you’d like to promote. We have literally put your entire store in their pockets. 

3) Personalized Recommendations


The power of product recommendations more than doubles when a customer feels like they are personalized. 50% of consumers act on personalized recommendations and 61% of wine drinkers are interested in discovering something new.*

Your app automatically customizes recommendations for each customer - suggesting products available in your store that are similar to other wines, spirits or beers that they’ve scanned or saved in your app. 

Also based on user activity, you can also send relevant promotions to segments of your audience. A great deal is much more powerful if it is something you might like. Have a great chardonnay on sale? Promote it to chardonnay drinkers! Customers want (and expect!) personalization - 47% value receiving offers relevant over privacy concerns.*


4) Makes Buying Quick and Easy


Your app makes it really, really easy for people to buy anytime, anywhere. 
Powered with a full and secure e-commerce suite and integrated with Apple Pay for one-touch purchases, customers can literally buy in second with the touch of a finger.  It’s no wonder the conversion to buy is 4x higher than the web. 

Make it easy for customers to access all of the services you provide. Customers can use your app to pre-order for quick in-store pickup (great for large purchases, or folks on the go!) - 57% of consumers want to buy products ahead so they are ready and waiting when they arrive at the store.* (Hint - Be sure to put up large signs so they know where to pick it up!)

Customers can also buy products in your app to be shipped or delivered locally, if you offer these services. The beauty is: you set the parameters, including delivery zip codes, costs and timing. 

As you process orders, customers are automatically notified of the status via email and push notification, making communication instant and easy for all. 


5) Makes People Love to Love Ya

Your app is a way to foster a 1:1 relationship with your customers. Not only will you get to know your customers better through rich analytics on what they like (and don’t), but in using the app, your customers will also get to know you better. And, of course, to know you is to love you! 

With scanning and searching, you can now be their go-to resource for every wine, spirits or beer. When your customers walk through the door, they don’t have to rack their brains to describe their likes - Your staff can give them a higher level of service by simply looking over the wines they’ve saved in the app. 

You can share staff picks and personalities, carrying the connection people make with you in the store to their everyday lives. 

By virtue of offering customers this app, you are giving them an unmatched level of customer service, but you can go above and beyond. Implement service 

The power of taking your store mobile is right in the palm of your hand - make sure it is in your customers’ hands too! Click here for tips on marketing your app and getting downloads!

* Sources: eMarketer eCommerce Trends, Jan 2015; Constellation Project Genome Study, 2015; Deloitte The New Digital Divide, 2015