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App Set-up

All the information you will need to have on-hand while you
fill out your Drync Onboarding form

Getting Started


General Store Details

  • Master Contact Email(s): These will receive an email when a new order is placed for any store location.
  • Master Administrative Email(s): These will have access to your Drync Portal for all store locations. 
  • App Tagline:  These will be featured on your app login page and should highlight the unique aspects of your store.
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Specific Store Details

If you have multiple store locations we will need contact information for each.

  • Contact Email(s): These will receive an email when a new order is received at a specified store location.
  • Administrative Email(s): These will have access to your Drync Portal for a specified store location. 
  • Customizable Text in App: (see image)
    • Discover Screen Copy
    • In-store Pickup Bag Copy
    • Checkout / Add to Cart Copy
    • Delivery Bag Text


Local Delivery Details

  • Minimum Dollar Amount for Delivery: This will determine the cart minimums for delivery in your app.
  • A List of Zip Codes for Delivery: Each set of zip codes will need to have a specific charge associated with them (example: minimum: $50 / Zip-codes: 02115, 02145, 02116 - $15 / Zip-codes: 02119, 02120, 02021 - $20).


Shipping Details

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  • A List of States and Their Tax Rates: Please provide this information for each location.  
  • A Cost for 1 Bottle Shipped and Each Additional Bottle Shipped: Example - $25 base cost / cost to ship 1 bottle and $4.50 for each additional bottle. If someone orders 12: 25.00 + 12(4.50) = $79 to ship to any of the states provided.


Need help?

Contact David at Drync if you have any questions or need any assistance while setting up your app: David at Drync.